How to select the best geyser for home

How to select the best geyser for home

Each year, close to the arrival of winters, more and more people try and figure out a geyser that works the best for their requirements. A wide variety of the appliance is nowadays available in the markets, and centering down upon the best-suited alternative for your family's needs could be difficult.

Let’s go through this concise guide that helps readers with their geyser buying process:

Power Consumption

The power consumption of the geyser that you choose to buy is an important parameter to be looked into because a power-efficient geyser translates to lower power bills. If you go for a geyser with a five-star rating, it will result in lower electricity consumption and lower heat loss. But a geyser with a five-star rating is going to cost you more, even while it saves power over the long term.


Irrespective of the geyser that you choose to buy, all geysers are expected to have the following features:

  • Adjustable settings for thermostat

  • Safety valve to release pressure

  • Automatic thermal cut-out

  • Glass coated heating element

  • Rustproof outer body

Automatic thermal cut-out is an energy-saving feature, which also prevents the geyser from getting damaged or causing accidental damage. The safety valve, similarly, discharges water in case the pressure is higher than the preset limits.


A geyser that you choose to buy should be requirement-specific. Geysers are used in kitchens, bathrooms, and even in offices. So, one has to determine the size of the geyser that he'd like to buy. When we consider the Indian context, geysers are mostly used in bathrooms during the winters. But nowadays, numerous people choose to have a geyser in the kitchen and use it for cleaning utensils. Solar geysers, similarly, are finding widespread acceptance in large, commercial buildings. So, for considering the functionality and size of a geyser, its usage is the key factor to be looked into.

Nowadays, geysers are available in several colors and designs. So, you could go for the one that complements the interior décor scheme at your home.

Availability of parts and longevity

Most people do not mind the geyser’s aesthetics too much. But it is one of the hidden advantages that come with buying a geyser. It is, then, always a better option to go for a geyser that lasts longer, and the parts of which are easily available. Just as an instance, a tank-less geyser is typically expected to last longer than a tank-type water heater.

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