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Preparing Quick Meals for Mid-Day Cravings is now easy with the Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker. Its lid and body are built from stainless steel, which makes this pressure cooker tough and durable. The external base is integrated from stainless steel, which means it is induction-friendly. Furthermore, this pressure cooker’s thick sandwich bottom can uniformly heat up for quick and efficient cooking.
Tough and Efficient

Built from non-magnetic stainless steel, the Hawkins Contura Stainless Steel Induction Pressure Cooker’s lid and body are tough and durable. The external base is made from stainless steel, which makes this pressure cooker compatible with induction cooktops. Additionally, its thick sandwich bottom allows uniform heating for quick cooking and does not develop hotspots. Moreover, The Base always Remains Fat and does not Bulge, which makes it easy to place on the burner.

Practical Rounded Sides

Built with curved sides, this pressure cooker’s body makes stirring your food items easy. You can also conveniently view and remove food from it. Also, its body is hygienic and does not pit or corrode, thereby making it durable. Moreover, this pressure cooker’s body stays bright and also keeps it looking new even after years of usage.

Efficiency and Pressure

Featuring an inside-fitting lid, this pressure cooker is safe to use and it keeps the pressure locked within just like the door of a jetliner. Also, equipped with an efficient pressure regulator, this pressure cooker can help save fuel.

Safe and Durable

A safety valve is fitted below the lid's handlebar, which deflects the steam in a downward direction to avoid burns. Also, the gasket within this pressure cooker has less exposure to steam and does not rub each time you open or close the lid. This extends the life of this pressure cooker for its users.

Stay-cool Handles

Fitted with a sturdy pivot, this pressure cooker does not put pressure on the plastic handles. This gives better support while handling this pressure cooker and the handles last long.

Versatile Pressure Cooker

You can use this pressure cooker on Electric Cooktops, Domestic Gas, Halogen Stove, and Ceramic and Induction Cooktops.

Customer need to contact at nearby service center of Hawkins
Warranty Summary
5 Years Warranty from the Date of Purchase


  • Model Name-Stainless Steel Contura
  • Model Number- SSC 15, SSC 20, SSC 30, SSC 35, SSC 50 
  • Lid Locking Mechanism-Inner Lid Locking Mechanism
  • Height-1.9 inch
  • Weight-1.79 , 2.25 , 2.4 , 2.5, 2.75
  • Not Covered in Warranty for Damages
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